Cowboy Ribeye Steak - F1 Wagyu
Cowboy Ribeye Steak - F1 Wagyu
Cowboy Ribeye Steak - F1 Wagyu

Cowboy Ribeye Steak - F1 Wagyu

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Cowboy Ribeye Steak - F1 Wagyu

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32 Oz Approximately

Vander's Cowboy Ribeye Steak is the epitome of flavor and tenderness. This premium cut of beef is hand-selected from the finest, well-marbled ribeye. Its impressive size and bone-in presentation make it a true showstopper on any plate.

Vander’s Cowboy Ribeye Steak is known for its rich, juicy, and buttery flavor. The generous marbling throughout the meat ensures a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite. The bone-in nature of this cut adds an extra depth of flavor and enhances the overall cooking process.

Whether you prefer grilling, broiling, or pan-searing, Vander’s Cowboy Ribeye Steak is incredibly versatile. The high marbling content ensures that the steak remains tender and moist. The bone acts as a natural insulator, helping to distribute heat evenly and further intensify the flavors.

Indulge in the ultimate steak experience with Vander’s Cowboy Ribeye Steak. Perfectly aged for maximum tenderness, this cut is a favorite among steak enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue or treating yourself to a special dinner, Vander’s Cowboy Ribeye Steak will impress.

*Product is immediately frozen once processed to preserve freshness and quality right to your door; simply let it thaw in the refrigerator and enjoy!